【Transiruby #2】Nostalgic but new! Introducing beautifully drawn pixel art and the setting of the adventure!



The graphics of 『Transiruby』have number of vibrant colors, and pixel art gives it a retro vibe. Still, the gradation and light effects are adequate, collectively making it nostalgic but not so old-fashioned taste to it. In this article, we will introduce the opening stage of the game.  



Dimensional Continent Surface


This is the first area Siruby begins their search. The crumbling steel beam and the overgrown grass on the ground make the setting stand out and feel like it's obsolete, but the massive structure in the background appears to be still operatable. 


Underground Forest Area


In contrast to the ground surface, big trees are naturally aligned and cover the area. Signs of an ancient civilization are scattered around with the steel beams and pipes blending with the stone statue, stone pillars, etc.


Gigantic Elevator


In Transiruby, many top-to-bottom movements and means of transportation are arranged, including jump ramps and elevator lifts like this.  



f:id:flyhighworks:20220318212708j:plainThe shaking and swaying in the underwater background is an example of Parallax scrolling (a unique scrolling technique in graphics, wherein background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in 2D video games). The BGM (background music) is muffled, giving it an excellent underground water ambiance.



A few words from the developer

f:id:flyhighworks:20220318162615p:plainKIMURA(SKIPMORE)  Many exploration action games often have settings of caves and buildings, so I personally wanted to create an adventure with blue skies seen, so I designed Transiruby so that half of the areas in the game are『outside』! 




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Transiruby is now available on STEAM, and pre-orders are also available for the NS version!






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