【Shirone the Dragon Girl】Developer Interview

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【Shirone the Dragon Girl】was released on 03/2022, and we interviewed the developer, Miroma san.

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- It's nice to meet, Miroma san. Thank you so much for joining us today, and thank you for working so hard to release「Shirone the Dragon Girl」.

I believe this is the first title you have released on STEAM, so how do you feel or what think about that?


Miroma: It's very nice to meet you too.

Before it was released on STEAM, I was a little worried about the various hurdles, such as the beginning of its localization.

However, thanks to Flyhigh Works' assistance and support, I could smoothly complete the release process for the game, which I really appreciated. It was a good experience learning what I should do and what I shouldn't do to release the game.


- As of now, the game has been positively received and recommended on STEAM (100% out of 31 reviews)

I am pleased to receive positive reviews. The reviews help me consult on what I have done well and what I need to improve on. 


- The protagonist squatting down while holding her tail is impressive, isn't it?

This motion was created when I thought about making cute movements for the protagonist. Now that I think about it, I may have created the "crouching" movement for wanting to use the movement since using motion is most important than capturing a gimmick. 


- That explains it. By the way, the game's title was different at the start of development, was there a reason for the name change?

The original title was "The Dragon Girl and the Haunted Castle," but it didn't stand out. So I thought using the then name of the protagonist, Shirone, in the title would be simple and more impressive. 

- Ah, I see. How long did it take to develop this title, and how many people are in your development team?


About a year and a half. I am the sole developer.

-Were there any parts of the development that you struggled with or were overly concerned about?

When I started creating an action game where the Player/character could jump and move around freely, it was difficult to determine where the Player/character could land on the ground. I was overly concerned about the look of the protagonist, Shirone. I put a lot of effort into making her model, along with the changes in her facial expressions and movement within the game.

- I see. Speaking of Shirone, one of the game's well-received points was the" dress-up feature."  Can you share with what was the reason/motivation behind this feature and what is your recommended hair/clothing assets?

Simply searching for pieces to solve puzzles would be dull, so I decided to add a fun element in which the Player collects pieces to change the character's appearance, such as hairstyle and clothing. 


I can't recommend anything for hairstyles or clothes because there are different styles and tastes, but "Cat mode" is interesting because it can be fun to see a dragon person with more cat-like attributes.

- I see. So, now that this work has been released, have you been thinking about your next title?

I have many ideas. There are some uncertainties regarding it. However, I want to polish my 3DCG (3D Computer Graphics) skills. Either way, I will still continue working on creating games and working on game development. 


- I'll wait with anticipation! Well, here is the final question, which I think many fans have been wondering, why did you choose to call your studio Oimoland? 

I'm sorry, but there is no deep meaning or reason behind it. I simply like oimo (Japanese sweet potato/yams), so I decided to choose that name for the studio.

- Oh, so that's why (haha), thank you so much for your time and responses! 

Same here, thank you so much.




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