Final Major Update! Picontier is now completed!

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【Picontier】which is currently available on STEAM's Early Access, is now completed! 

After this final update「Ver 1.0」, the game will be officially released!

Ver 1.0 RELEASE!
・Play the main storyline to the end
・New "Rain Altar" added
・Merchant added
・Added log function for conversations


This article will include the contents of the updates and deliver the charm of【Picontier】with images, etc.




1st Major Update


Now you can go to the「Other side of the bridge」!
There's an animal that lives in the middle of the river. What is doing there...? 
Chemical Phantom: "It's a very chemical day…"

Interactions with charming creatures await in the new area across the bridge.


Now you can start 「Mining」. Prepare and pick up your pickaxe to dig up some ores!  


Now you can ride a 「Raft」. What events in the ocean await the protagonist? 


You can produce a variety of fruits and vegetables.
You can decorate your farm with various decorative pieces to design your own unique farm!
What new events will occur in the new areas that can be visited?
And, a new「additon」to your house is fantastic!


2nd Major Update


Tree Teddy: "Wow! I really met a  human!
It's been so many years… maybe decades?"

Mysterious interaction on a mysterious island


I would love to get a beehive, but the bees are watching...


Chimeria: "Hi! I'm the chimera orb fairy, Chimeria!
Do you want to combine two animals together?"

You can synthesize...animals !?
Hugo: "You can make 1 ingot from 2 pieces of ore."
Crystal sword: "A blade magically forged from crystal.
Deceivingly strong! ATK+36"

You can get various ingredients and craft various items!
You can craft various items from all kinds of ingredients!


This house has an odd shape to it. Maybe this shape is...?


The church at night. If you look closely over there, you can see a secret〇〇〇…!
It seems you can only get certain materials at the beaches?
There are many mysterious things on this island.


3rd Major Update

And finally, a peek at the「Island's secret」…?


FINAL(4th) Major Update (Ver 1.0)

And finally, the story surrounding the「Island's secret 」has reached its climax!

"Offer gems at the altar to make it rain."

Make it rain!

What kind of device is this?

I wonder, where am I?

What is this peddler selling?

This giant is...?

Jeda: "I wish I could spend the entire day with you,
but unfortunately, time's running short."

Reunion with Professor Jeda, whose whereabouts were previously unknown!? 


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「Picontier」Final Major Update

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