【GOODBYE WORLD】New Main Visual & Characters Introductions Released!

Hello, everyone! It's KOU from Flyhigh Works.


About a month ago, we released the【GOODBYE WORLD】STEAM Store page, but the developer has provided some main visual and character illustrations, so we will introduce them right away.



Main Visual


Here is the Main Visual

Let's listen to developer YO FUJII san talk a little about it.




f:id:flyhighworks:20220325175133p:plainKOU The Main Visual is cute. There are various interesting things in this scene that I'm curious about, especially the game console on the desk. Is it related to the story? 

f:id:flyhighworks:20220326160036j:plainYO FUJII That's right.
This game console is not only an essential part of progressing the story in the game, but it is also an indispensable item for one of the protagonists, Kanii.

f:id:flyhighworks:20220325175133p:plainKOU The logo on the laptop looks like it's shaped like a"3 ". Is this also related to the story?

f:id:flyhighworks:20220326160036j:plainYO FUJII This logo is actually a pear that was bitten into (a parody of the Apple logo...), but it has nothing to do with the story.

Characters Introductions


One of the protagonists. She develops indie games with the other protagonist, Kumade. Kanii is mainly in charge of programming and game design. 

She is not good at having relationships with people and tends to speak rudely to others...

Kanii is shy and often alone. She always carries along with her favorite retro game console from back in the day. 

When she first met Kumade, Kanii felt put off by her, but nowadays, she feels Kumade is the only one that can develop games with her. 

Game development is not a stable source of income, so she inevitably works at a part-time job that she's not really enthusiastic about... 



The other protagonists. Kumade is the other game developer who Kanii makes indie games with. She is in charge of graphics and scenario writing.

Kumade is cheerful, bright, and a good person, but not everybody's friend. She has a communicative spirit and can adequately express her opinions.

She connects and closes the distance between her and Kanii with her communicative abilities. She now is more of a protector of Kanii.  

Contrary to Kanii, who can't keep a part-time job, Kumade works long shifts and almost single-handedly covers their living expenses.

She feels anxiety about the future, and she cares more about Kanii's well-being than anyone else, so she is always concerned about what is best for them both... 



The main characters are cute and fantastic!

Looking forward to the day to be able to play this upcoming promising title.



In conclusion, what do you think about the【GOODBYE WORLD】main visual and character illustrations?


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