【BANCHOU TACTICS】demo is now available during STEAM NEXT FEST!

The demo of Japanese high-school delinquent-themed Tactical Simulation RPG「BANCHOU TACTICS(番長タクティクス)」is now available during STEAM NEXT FEST!



Hello, everyone. I'm Kou, CEO of Flyhigh Works.

「SECRET CHARACTER」is a game studio based in Bangkok, Thailand that has planned and developed this Japanese delinquent-themed Tactical Simulation RPG titled「BANCHO TACTICS(番長タクティクス)」, which the demo version will be available on STEAM starting today.

This demo will also be available during STEAM NEXT FEST, so please check it out!


【Demo Launch Trailer】




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Game Presentation

「BANCHOU TACTICS」is a turn-based tactical RPG that features Japanese high-school delinquents.
- High quality 2D pixel art on 3D stages
- Turn-based strategy combat system
- Inspired by『Crows』Japanese manga、『River City Ransom(Kunio-kun)』、『Final Fantasy Tactics』, etc.



 For several years somewhere in Japan, three high schools have been raging war: Sakae High School, Nakamura Technical High School, and Minato High School.

"We run this city."
The delinquents who believed in that engaged in a war without humanity and justice day in and day out.

After Kitagawa Seiichi, known as the "Demon King of Minato High," graduated last year, the balance of power between the three schools became uncertain.


The game's story focuses on Taiga Arashi, a delinquent at Minato High School.



Message from the Devs


We are a small team based in Bangkok that loves Japanese manga, anime, culture, and everything.

We wanted to create games like the Japanese games we played as kids.

A few years ago, we developed a game called「Zombie Hero: Kiki strikes back」, which has over a million downloads.

We also released「Yakiniku Simulator」on STEAM and we are happy to see that so many Japanese VTubers played and enjoyed it! 

Also, our investor ITSARAAMATA loves Japanese culture. Their forte is creating concepts and stories. We at Secret Character share the same vision and are grateful for their support.

We are still in the middle of development, but we would feel encouraged if everyone could add our game to your STEAM Wishlist!



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