【Invercity#3】It's spoiler free, OK! Presenting『Streamer Mode』

The inverse gravity puzzler「Invercity」was recently released.

In this issue, we will present equipment regarding『Streamer Mode』.

※ What kind of game is「Invercity」anyway?Please read our first post→

【Invercity #1】Release date now decided!Introducing『Invercity』, an action-puzzle game in which the city becomes inverted when players do a handstand! - フライハイタイムズ


Streamers Mode is

Ah, this game looks interesting! I want to broadcast it! But it is not good to post spoilers!!


Not sure which is considered to be called a spoiler...


I don't understand it at all~~!!

※A streamer spent 3 minutes recording the protagonist, Urara(permission granted)


Streamer Mode』was created from the desires of streamers.

As written on the Steam Store page:

To post or stream images and videos using the play screen and audio are fully allowed. However, please always play with the in-game option "Streamer Mode" enabled.

※Only spoiler parts of the story will be automatically skipped. Captures in non-streamer mode can also be used by cutting the spoiler parts.

In other words, streamers can freely stream the game as long as this mode is enabled.

The game automatically skips spoilers we do not wish to be streamed, which would typically take some time to cut while editing. 


It can only be switched on from the in-game option.

The rules are simple, so no worries about making mistakes.

It would be best if you have your own streaming channel to stream the game from.


A few more words from the developer

Marudice The story event in the final stage is the only part that is skipped in『Streamer Mode』. Streamers can enjoy the game midway with their audience, or they can work together to solve puzzles. We hope everyone will enjoy playing the game!



And on that note,【Invercity #3】was presented this time, so what did you think of it?

Here is the store page.

Now is a great time to take a chance and stream this new release!