【SUPER METBOY!#7】Methods to Obtain the ★0 Chips

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Today, we are presenting 「SUPER METBOY!」, which has been positively received and is currently available on Nintendo Switch and STEAM


In issue#7Asaba Aki from Rebuild Games will discuss various aspects of the SUPER METBOY!'s「Method to Obtain ★0 Chips 」!


What is a ★0Chip?

The enhancement custom chips in METBOY usually have a ★1~5 rarity ranking.
The higher the★, the stronger the chip is.
★0 is a unique rarity that is different from the others.

There are two types of ★0chips. Both have minus/negative costs.

Since the cost is minus/negative, the chip can be set beyond the regular maximum cost.

The primary ability of the chip is weak, but it allows for broader chip combinations. 

Both types of ★0 chips can be obtained immediately at the start of the game.


[999]Rebuild Games★0

How to obtain it

Select「Option」>「Staff Credit」>「Hold the confirm button on the Rebuild Games logo」
Highlight the Rebuild Games Logo, then press and hold the confirm button until the gauge inside the logo completely fills up.

[1000]Missing NO.★0

How to obtain it

Select「Custom Chip」>「? (TIPS)」>「Hold the confirm button on the METBOY icon at the bottom left corner」


Highlight the METBOY icon at the bottom left corner, then press and hold the confirm button until the gauge inside the logo completely fills up.


A few more words from the developer

Lead Game Designer Asaba Aki

I recall the ★0chip was implemented as a recreation idea from development.

The idea of「Missing No.」 originally came from a famous game. Back in those days, there was no internet, so I repeatedly heard from a friend of a friend, etc., like it was an urban legend. Information was floating around about various tricks to unlock secret characters in various games. Even now, I still yearn for such a game that expands outside the game.



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