【SUPER METBOY!#6】Game UI Design

Hello, everyone. It's Kou from Flyhigh Works.


Today, we are presenting 「SUPER METBOY!」, which has been positively received and is currently available on Nintendo Switch and STEAM

In issue #6, Asaba Aki from Rebuild Games will talk about various aspects of the SUPER METBOY!'s「Game UI Design」!


Game UI Design Presentation

In the previous issue, I presented the Menu Design.
In this issue #6, I will present the action part of the story, which is the Game UI Design.


About the HP Gauge

METBOY's HP Gauge is located above their head.

Since the character is constantly moving about on the screen, it's in the line of sight of the Player except for METBOY's position.


Some may think「That's typical」. However, the layout plans, including METBOY's behavior, were not perfect initially.
This was a result of searching for the most suitable display by repeating the gameplay over and over again.

Incidentally, in issue #1, the HP Gauge was presented in the prototype and displayed at the center of the screen. I think METBOY's HP information was poorly recognizable.


About the Drink Power-Ups

A mysterious vending machine appears in the middle of the stage.
When you earn and collect GOLD during the stages, you can use it to purchase enhancement drinks for METBOY.

The method of using drinks purchased from the Enhancement System Shop is not unique or unusual, but having the expression to use a colorful drink to power up is unique.

Considering the small-scale design cost and the simple enhancement menu, the land's atmosphere is essential, but perhaps it's unknown if that's METBOY's essence.


What resulted in success, along with the colorful drink, the
VS Mode, and being able to「Pick up a drink item and enhance」, which we were able to implement in a simple presentation。

Also, we feel it's essential for Players to know some information while playing, like「Blue drinks enhance your shot size」, etc. 

As a result, paying the design cost for this specification was great.

Initial Stages Enhancement System「METCARRIER」

The Initial Enhancement System was based on METBOY boarding an airship.

It was my favorite design because it looked like 「Anpanman Go」. However, it was rejected due to the lack of mixing with enhancement representation.


A few more words from the developer

Lead Game Designer  asaba aki

Action in UI  has reflexes that I think require certain circumstances, so functionality is more important than an excellent appearance. So while rebuilding, I worry about what information can be stressed appropriately, what is not too strong or not too weak, and how to change courses.



That's it for the【SUPER METBOY! #6】presentation.
What do you think of it?

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