【Mercenaries Rebirth #4】Main Characters and Rebirth Exceed Presentation!Part 2

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Today, we would like to share some more information provided by Rideon Japan's PR department about the「Mercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx」which is scheduled to be released on STEAM. Please check it out!


Mercenaries Rebirth issues #3 and #4 present the protagonists' story and killer techniques「Rebirth Exceed」!

In issue #4, we will continue our introduction of the main characters that are key figures in the main story, and their respective Rebirth Exceed killer techniques!


Anastasia is Princess Kiera's female bodyguard and a firearms expert. Anastasia is calm, relaxed, and collected. She is firm and very courteous to the core. Anastasia was also a former Astras' Secret Intelligence Unit member, and Kiera heavily relied on her extensive knowledge and ingenuity. She can perceive other people's talents, so as she passed by Irvin, she sensed he was no ordinary person and asked for his help.

●Rebirth Exceed - Trick Mist
The mist casts over as a smokescreen, and your party members within range can not be targeted by enemies until the next turn. The effectiveness within the range of the area becomes wider after skill leveling up. 



Ricky is Princess Kiera's male bodyguard. He is a low-class priest. Ricky is a little man who bears an innocent smile and is the praising mood maker of the unit. He is no match compared to his senior, Anastasia. Ricky began serving the court after training in the church. Like Princess Kiera, he is ignorant of the ways of the world.


●Rebirth Exceed - Sunlight Heal
Each party member's HP is fully restored, and any abnormal conditions or status drops are eliminated within the battle map. The amount of HP recovered increases after skill leveling up.



Irvin's childhood friend. A clearheaded magician who looks younger than his actual age. He is calm and gentle, respectful to everyone, and even honorifics toward younger people. Silas and Irvin used to travel to various regions together. However, after their mercenary unit was disbanded, Silas settled in the Kingdom of Astras. He was paid for extensive knowledge and is now a Kingdom's Research Institution member. 

●Rebirth Exceed - Calamity Rune 

All of the resistant attributes of enemies that are within range are reduced. The amount of endurance of the attributes reduced increases with skill leveling up.




So, what do you think about the main characters introduced in #3 and #4 !? Is there anyone you liked or favored? In addition to the main characters, there are many more companions that you will meet along the way and will join your part, depending on how you progress through the story. Please play and check out firsthand!

In the next issue, Director Terauchi san will talk about the story's charm and other factors related to the series. Please look forward to it!

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