【SUPER METBOY!#3】Stage Introductions Part 1

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It's Kou from Flyhigh Works.


Today, we are presenting 「SUPER METBOY!」, which has been positively received and is currently available on Nintendo Switch and STEAM


In this issue of SUPER METBOY#3, asaba aki from REBUILD GAMES will be presenting the「Stage Introductions」!


Stage Introductions

In SUPER METBOY!, players can venture through various stages of the forest, desert, etc. In this issue #3, the first half of the stages will be presented. The first half of the stages were constructed with the tutorial of METBOY's actions in consideration.

Stage 1 「MET CASTLE」

This is a tutorial stage where players can get used to METBOY's uniqueness with jumping and shooting integration. The aim was to make players feel at ease using METBOY while placing weaker enemies throughout the screen.  


Stage 2 「HARD HILL」

Enemies appear from the lower level, so shots fired downward are more effective.

The aim was to make players aware that horizontal and vertical lines are essential in the game. 


In this stage, enemies attack in groups. The aim was to demonstrate scattered enemies becoming powerful in groups.

Hidden Stage!?

There are hidden requirements in Stage 1 and Stage3to advance to the hidden stages!

Defeat all the sparkling enemies that appear, and the next stage to advance to will change.


They run away fast, but they appear in the same spot, so it's easier to just wait for them to appear then attack them.

How the stages were made

In conclusion, here are the introductions to the SUPER METBOY! stage roughs. The artist drew rough sketches for each stage theme and then adjusted the balance, color, etc., from all the stages before finishing. The completed version has more pop and liveliness.

A few words from the developer

Lead game designer asaba aki

SUPER MET BOY! is based on the mobile version, so we tuned up all the stages for the console game, so there's the satisfaction of it not being dull.

We hope everyone will enjoy replaying it without getting tired of it. 


That's it for the【SUPER METBOY! #3】presentation.
What do you think of it?

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