【Mercenaries Rebirth #2】A World of Mercenaries Action Drawn in Pixel Art!Game System Presentation!

Hello, everyone. It's Kou from FHW.

Today in issue「#2」, we would like to share some information provided by Rideon Japan's PR department about the「Mercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx」which is scheduled to be released on STEAM. We also have a message from the developer afterward, so please check it out!


Game System

The game progresses as characters talk to each other during Event PartsBattle PartsFormation Mode.  


3D Battle Map

The Battle Part features a quarter-view battle map divided by squares where Players control characters with various roles. Select "Move," "Attack," "Skill," etc. commands, for each character. The battle progresses by alternating between the Player's Turn and the Enemies' Turn. The Battle Map has the concept of height differences, so attacks from the higher ground are most effective. 


Leader Skill

With 「Leader Skill」, every party member gains special effects depending on which character is selected as the leader. There are diverse effects, such as bonuses that increase all party members' HP and attack power or restore MP based on the hit damage received.


Free Battle Rare Rewards

If Players feel that enemies are too strong, your party characters can be trained during「Free Battle」between chapters of the story. In「Free Battle」after a battle is cleared, rare items are obtained as rewards.


Beginners can have fun and enjoy playing.

The game's difficulty levels can be selected between "Normal" or "Easy." In "Easy" mode, the enemies' abilities are lowered, and the characters' maximum HP is fully restored right after leveling up! Beginners that are new to playing simulation RPGs can enjoy playing at ease.


Characters' killer technique、Rebirth Exceed

During battles, the meter in the upper right corner of the screen builds up when the player attacks and defends. Store power to activate a special skill called「Rebirth Exceed」It's the ultimate trump card in battle!​ Attract enemies, heal allies on the entire map, revive allies who have fallen from a fight, etc. 

In the next issue, we plan to look deeper into the main characters involved in the story and a more detailed presentation of Rebirth Exceed! Please look forward to it!



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「Mercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx」「#2」?


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