【Shinobi non Grata #7】Introducing the Game's Protagonists!

Shinobi alert! Use your 7 shinobi weapons to survive the bloodshed during the Bakumatsu-era!

We have some exciting information about 「Shinobi non Grata」, which is scheduled to be released in 2022! 


In this issue of Shinobi non Grata #7, we are excited to introduce the game's protagonists



Descendant of a demon-slaying ninja clan who has been raging war against demons since ancient times. Kaina (腕 meaning "arms" or "skills" in Japanese) was given their name due to his skillful use of arms, the 7 shinobi weapons. Kaina was seriously injured during an incident and suffers from amnesia.



A kunoichi from the same village as Kaina, their childhood friend.
Tsumuji stays one step ahead with her mission to sneak into the "Oboro Clan" 's hideout and steal their secrets. 



A demon sealed shinobi and Kaina's senior. For two years, their whereabouts have been unknown up until the "Oboro Clan" 's secret operations in the dark have been brought to light. 


And, not long after we prepared this announcement, this fan art of Tsumuji was drawn!

Veil ベエル(@veil8801) drew the fan art!

Hmm, this is cute! Very chivalrous!
Looking forward to seeing more of Tsumuji in the game!




So, what do you think of【Shinobi non Grata #7】? 

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