Beatus Creation Solitaire (Switch / STEAM) is now released!

【Breaking barriers just to meet you!】

 Hello, everyone. It's Kou from FHW.

We are pleased to announce that VTuber supercrew「Beatus Creation」themed solitaire gameBeatus Creation Solitaire」(STEAM/Switch) has now been released on


In this article, we would like to share a message from the Director and creator, NAN-A, introducing「Beatus Creation」!



Beatus Creation Solitaire is solitaire with the motif of VTuber supercrew「Beatus Creation」.
Some of you may be wondering 「What is Beatus Creation?」, so I will explain it ASAP.

【Virtual YouTubers derived from Legend of Dark Witch series】

In 2014, Legend of Dark Witch was released on Nintendo 3DS. As of 2022, 8 titles within the series have been released on Nintendo Switch, Steam, smartphone, and other consoles, so the Virtual Youtubers「Beatus Creation」were created in that series' world.


【Fun Streams Everyday】

Streams are available on YouTube every day and night. Each talented Beatus Creation member has a unique personality and streams various things. Maybe viewers will find their own personal favorite member?

Talent summaries – Beatus Creationビータスクリエイション


【A look inside the personalities of Beatus Creation Solitaire】

Have fun playing Beatus Creation Solitaire while getting to know the members by seeing their videos, hearing their voices, taking in the atmosphere, etc., while gathering all the cards needed to score a combination in your hand. Perhaps you may get a reaction like "Play it!" if you get to know the members during the game!?


【A few more words from the original creator】

NAN-A As an adult, it's hard to find time to play video games, so I think it's nice to play a simple game that can be easily enjoyed. The charm of Beatus Creation is expressed with the beautiful graphics, so I would recommend checking it out.




Feel free to check out the「Beatus Creation Solitaire」Store pages here!!


Also, here are a few examples of how the 「Beatus Creation」 supercrew usually streams. Feel free to check them out if you're interested!


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Beatus Creation Solitaire


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