【Mercenaries Rebirth#1】A cool swordsman and young princess interweave in mercenaries action!Presenting the classic Tactical SRPG「Mercenaries Rebirth」!

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Today, we would like to share some information provided by Rideon Japan's PR department about the「Mercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx」which is scheduled to be released on STEAM. We also have a message from the developer afterward, so please check it out!

・Game Presentation

『Mercenaries Rebirth』is a Tactical Simulation RPG. Players organize a squad of mercenaries to level up, raise their skills, and prepare their equipment for conquesting during the stages. 

The player controls characters with various roles and classes (occupation) during battles on a grid with a quarter-view battle map. Fighters are perfect for melee and close-range attacks, while Gunners are great for long-range attacks, and Priests are essential for healing, supporting allies, etc. 


When the mercenary and the princess meet, the course of history shifts in a colossal way.

The Kingdom of Astras, located on the east side of the Western continent, is in a crisis of being divided into two over the succession of the throne. Both young and old subjects stand up for Princess Kiera,  while the current Queen Rosa gives birth to the young Prince Kyle……. Queen Rosa endorses Prince Kyle as the next heir. She then proceeds with her tyrannical rule as the Regent of Astras, neglecting the people, which causes colossal disorder in the country. 

Soon after, Irvin, a lone swordsman, now wanders around the world as a mercenary. While on a short trip to his hometown of Astras, he witnessed a noble maiden and her guards being attacked by a gang of thugs. It was a close call, yet Irwin managed to fight them off. 

 As it turns out, the noble maiden rescued by Irvin was none other than Princess Kiera. Due to Princess Kiera's strong desire, Irvin provides shelter for her and commands the guards. She also requests that this particular group take on the name『Wild Lynx』.



A few words from the developer

Terauchi from Rideon Japan
Mercenaries Saga series is beloved by fans, so we are pleased to release the 6th installment. This time, the hero is an 「older man holding on to past」and, the heroine is a 「young princess」, so I think that small aspect makes the story a little different from previous releases. If the game's story sounds interesting to you, we would appreciate it if you would add this to your STEAM Wishlist.



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「Mercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx」?

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