【SUPER METBOY!#2】Character Introductions

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Today, we are presenting 「SUPER METBOY!」, which has been positively received and is currently available on Nintendo Switch and STEAM

In this issue of SUPER METBOY!#2, asaba aki from REBUILD GAMES will be presenting the「character introductions」!



Here is the protagonist, METBOY. They have standard abilities and are easy to use!
METBOY is the standard of all the characters. 
Other characters were added while summing up the differences in METBOY's abilities.



METGAL has shooting and homing abilities, which is recommended and intended to be selected for beginners!


Detonation shots that can hit the enemies in one blow!  METBOMBER was released to give a sense of change in playability, as their shots are parabolic and detonating.




Intended for those who boast of speed and want to move quickly! METNINJA was prepared for advanced players that regard the importance of reach and close combat. Changes to their movement were made instead of their shooting abilities.



METKNIGHT is the first character that boasts of the ability to penetrate attacks.
They can cancel the enemies' attacks and damage enemies in crowded spaces. 
METKNIGHT is METBOY's rival, and there are regrets about not diverting that into the game. 



METVIKING can attack enemies from above with their parabolic hammer. Personally, METVIKING's attack reminds me of hammer attacks in retro games, so that kind of attack action and character was added to the game.


METSNIPER has a beam shot that fires bullets rapidly. The shot is long distance but thin, making it difficult for advanced players to land a hit. Personally, METSNIPER's eye patch and headphones are my favorites, and their design is my favorite overall.


METNINJA - Stored Initial Settings 

In conclusion, here is a presentation of the initial settings for METNINJA. In the early stages, METNINJA had bare skin. Once the mask was added, they started to look very cool and more ninja-like. Finally, their eye pupil color was adjusted, in addition to the overall color.


A few words from the developer

 Lead game designer asaba aki

We aimed to create a new feeling by creating characters that can use different abilities in stages that players will become familiar with while playing. We hope everyone will enjoy replaying the game, just as you replayed the games from your childhood.



That's it for the【SUPER METBOY! #2】presentation.
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