Beatus Creation Solitaire (Switch / STEAM) Release Date Determined!

【Breaking barriers just to meet you!】


Hello, everyone. It's Kou from FHW.


Today, we are proud to announce that VTuber supercrew「Beatus Creation」’s game Beatus Creation Solitaire」(STEAM/Switch) release date is scheduled for  05/26/2022



【Beatus Creation Solitaire】STEAM Store Page

【Beatus Creation Solitaire】Nintendo Switch Store Page



【Breaking barriers just to meet you!】

Play with VTuber super crew “Beatus Creation” in the classic card game

“Spider Solitaire”!


Unlock new themes, illustrations, and stamps designed based on each member of Beatus Creation using the coins you earn each time you clear a stage.


Use the stickers to decorate your sticker book and create your own album!


- Each member of the Beatus Creation crew voices each character


- 70 puzzles to solve ranging from easy to hard difficulty levels


- User-friendly functions such as “Hints” and “Redo (once)” are available in-game


- Simple controls for quick and easy gameplay that we recommend enjoying during your free time 




Introducing Beatus Creation

Beatus Creation is a Vtuber Project directed by the creator of 「Legend of Dark Witch」series,  INSIDE SYSTEM.

Here are a few examples of how the Beatus Creation supercrew usually streams. Feel free to check them out if you're interested!


Product Information


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Beatus Creation Solitaire


STEAM / Nintendo Switch


Card Game

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1980円/$19.99 / 19.99€


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