Picontier Developer Interview #2!

Hello, everyone.

It's KOU from Flyhigh Works (FHW).




Recently, we implemented the final update, and slow life RPG「Picontier」 is finally "completed."


This time we spoke with Picontier creator KIMURA san about various things regarding the project.


This is a two-part interview. This second part will focus on simple questions for KIMURA san that the Flyhigh Works staff asked. 


Please feel free to check them out if you're interested. 



f:id:flyhighworks:20220325175133p:plainFHW STAFF  What games/titles inspired KIMURA san to make Picontier?

f:id:flyhighworks:20220318162615p:plainKIMURA  I was inspired by『Fantasy Life』and『Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari 』, and our programmer, Kan san, was influenced by 『Harvest Moon』series.

f:id:flyhighworks:20220325175133p:plainFHW STAFF  Where in the official timeline does Picontier exist? 

f:id:flyhighworks:20220318162615p:plainKIMURA  It exists in the same universe as the other titles, but we have not decided on a specific timeline. If we did, it would be challenging to develop future games.

f:id:flyhighworks:20220325175133p:plainFHW STAFF  What is the official name of the world that the game
exist in? 

f:id:flyhighworks:20220318162615p:plainKIMURA  The name of the island will be revealed in the game.

f:id:flyhighworks:20220325175133p:plainFHW STAFF  What is KIMURA san's favorite character or part of the game so far? 

f:id:flyhighworks:20220318162615p:plainKIMURA   Aila. I think they will appear in other SKIPMORE games from now on.

f:id:flyhighworks:20220325175133p:plainFHW STAFF   The BGM (background music) is lovely. How do you compose it? Do you remember what you thought when you created them, and what was the most challenging piece of composition? 

f:id:flyhighworks:20220318162615p:plainKIMURA  The BGM was inspired by the BGM used in the teaser trailer, composed by Misoka san from PANSOUND. The field music was the most challenging, but it was completed after many back-and-forths. In contrast, the BGM for the cave was done in one shot. 




What do you think about the questions that our staff asked KIMURA san?

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