【Transiruby #4】Directly heard from the developer ! Presentation on the game mechanics of 『Transiruby』!

We will listen to KIMURA of SKIPMORE discuss the distinctive game mechanics in 『Transiruby』this time!

Let's collect Tranchips!


Tranchips are scattered throughout the map. Collecting 50 Tranchips opens the gate and allows transfer to the next area. The exact location of Tranchips can be verified on the map radar. 

f:id:flyhighworks:20220318162615p:plainKIMURA Dot eater games such asHead On,『Pacman』, etc. inspired the Tranchips collecting mechanics. However, collecting all Tranchips does not clear the game, so I'm not sure if it's similar to dot eater type of games like『Lode Runner』, etc.


Multipurpose Weapon: Element Shot! 


Element Shot can freeze enemies (enemies can be used as platforms) or start countdown switches and lifts. There is a restriction on how many times the Element Shot can be used due to the EP being depleted each time it's used, but the EP can be replenished after destroying enemies that leave some EP behind.  Also, when an enemy that has been frozen by Element Shot is destroyed, there is a 30% chance that LP (stamina recovery items) will appear.

f:id:flyhighworks:20220318162615p:plainKIMURA With『Transiruby』, I aimed to develop the EP resource management mechanics found in『KAMIKO』. As mentioned above, there are many options to defeat a small fry enemy. "Where to collect EP, how much EP to use or where to use EP..!" I think it's fun to keep that in mind while playing! 


Transform into a motorbike for high-speed travel!


Further in the game, Siruby can transform into a motorbike. While in motorbike mode, Siruby can defeat weaker enemies by running them over, or Siruby can move across water, instantly expanding the range of playing. Of course, this increases the speed of movement, which is an essential element of Time Attack.

f:id:flyhighworks:20220318162615p:plainKIMURA As seen in videos about time attacks in action games, characters can somersault or back step just to move faster. However, with『Transiruby』I thought,「If you're going to move anyway, at least look cool doing it!」, hence the motorbike being implemented. After that, running over enemies, traveling across the water, etc., was added, and the specifications were applied as they are now.



And with that, this concludes Transiruby #4. So, what do you think about it? 

Transiruby is now available on STEAM, and pre-orders are also available for the NS version!






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