【Shinobi non Grata #4】New Main Visual Unveiled!


Shinobi alert! Use your 7 shinobi weapons to survive the bloodshed during the Bakumatsu-era!

We have some exciting information about 「Shinobi non Grata」, which is scheduled to be released in 2022! 


In this issue of 【Shinobi non Grata #4】, we unveil the new main visual!


Here is the new main visual! (Click to enlarge it)



This main visual has a dynamic composition, right!?

Let's see what Shinobi non Grata creator picopico has to say about it.

f:id:flyhighworks:20220325175133p:plainKOU    This is a really cool main visual, isn't it?! Can you share with us what the point you are trying to express with this main visual was?


f:id:flyhighworks:20220415100045p:plainpicopico   I like American comic books,  and I wanted a visual created that perfectly contrasts that with the in-game advertising. So I requested that the illustrator creates an image that resembles the tone and composition in a cover of American comics. I'm not sure, but I think it has very symbolic good vibes. Picture-wise, there was some difficulty figuring out how to display the 7 shinobi weapons that the protagonist equips...Just in case, the design is set up to have the complete set of weapons perfectly concealed. Also, I like 90s-era video games, so I think other people will understand that and grin when they install it to play. In this situation, there is a battle scene with the stage 1 boss 「Ghost of a Dead Warrior」. It's an arcade-like idea that I had to create the stage 1 boss as a giant humanoid enemy. It has an 8bit style, but there will be many more flashy enemies in stage 2, so please look forward to them.




And on that note, what do you think about【Shinobi non Grata #4】?

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