Flyhigh Works 11th Anniversary! (+ Introduction to Marshmallow)

Hello, everyone. It's KOU from Flyhigh Works.


I think I'm tooting my own horn, but Flyhigh Works was launched on 04/12/2011, so we will celebrate our 11th anniversary! (More horn tooting and a drum roll, please!)


We will continue to do our best moving forward, so thank you, everyone, for continuing to support Flyhigh Works!


Although this is not related to our 11th anniversary, we would like to introduce our Marshmallow page.




It seems everything is introduced via many live broadcast presentations (as a result, media articles are seen after the broadcast). It is terrific to have a site that introduces one's own titles with articles that are easy to read and consumes little time. As someone who works in the same industry, I'm rooting for this venture!


I didn't expect to hear an empathetic voice from a peer in the same industry!

I had various concerns while thinking about it,  but I've found the answer with self-published media.
It's very encouraging to receive empathetic feedback! (Especially from someone in the same industry!)

Please keep an eye on us!



Based on my personal experience, I have many memories of the 3DS, and it was on this hardware that I became aware of Flyhigh Works. I especially liked Urban Trial: Freestyle. I was really into the realistic but unbelievable movement of the bikes and riders. I played this game a lot!


KOU: This Marshmallow refers to our "Thank you, 3DS" article we published a few days ago. Urban Trial: Freestyle is a successful title that I personally had fun localizing. By the way, before I knew about this title and eventually worked on it, I had personally played the "Trials" series on XBOX 360 quite a lot, so I could judge the quality of this title. If you are into "Urban Trial," I highly recommend checking out the entire Trials series!



That concludes our Flyhigh Works 11th Anniversary notice and introduction to Marshmallow!


Also, Flyhigh Times is always accepting anonymous fan mail on our Marshmallow pages!


If you have any thoughts or comments on this article, want to support the production team, or have questions you'd like to ask the production team, please send your messages to our Marshmallow page!