Thank You, 3DS Special Feature[#1]

Hello, everyone. It's KOU from Flyhigh Works.


On 02/16/2022, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo 3DS series and WiiU's 「Nintendo eShop」will be terminated in late March 2023.


※Remainder balance available until 08/30/2022.



Since the release of our first in-house published title 「Witch & Hero」on 04/14/2013,

Flyhigh Works has published 61 titles for the Nintendo 3DS and 4 Wii U titles.


Since the eShops are closing in March next year, there will be a sense of emptiness, but every beginning has an ending. With less than a year left, I want to write a retrospective about our representative Flyhigh Works 3DS titles monthly and share some memories about the eShops.

(※Please note in advance a few gradation adaptations will be included)


First of all, since this is my first time ever writing a retrospect, I want to thoroughly reflect on everything.


(To begin, FHW has released 161 titles in Japan) (Separately, 14 titles with demo versions) 

A record of 61 titles has been downloaded 1 million times. 


・Here are the top 5 downloaded (by the Japanese Hiragana aiueo-order alphabetical order, not the number of figures downloaded) 


Urban Trial: Freestyle | Nintendo 3DS | Nintendo




Gunman Story | Nintendo 3DS | Nintendo




Geki Yaba Runner | Nintendo 3DS | Nintendo




Legend of Dark Witch | Nintendo 3DS | Nintendo




Witch & Hero | Nintendo 3DS | Nintendo

Urban Trial: Freestyle is strong!

INSIDE SYSTEM's Legend of the Dark Witch is powerful too, but I am deeply moved to see FHW's 1st title 「Witch & Hero」on the list.



By the way, here are the Top 3 FHW titles downloaded【North America region】:


・The Legend of Dark Witch

・Witch & Hero 

※(Not listed in the order of downloaded figures)


They were also the Top 3 in the【European region】!


・The Legend of Dark Witch

・Witch & Hero 


※(Not listed in the order of downloaded figures)



Fairune | Nintendo 3DS | Nintendo

Fairune was ranked in the Top 5 in the Japan region, but it seems, in general, it appeared in all regions with a high ranking!


「Witch & Hero」 received a score of 2/10 (!) on an international game news site.


I had to program「Drancia Saga」 by myself because the engineer gave up.


There are many episodes that I can now talk about and laugh at, but I will share them next time! 



●Here is a list of all the Flyhigh Works 3DS titles!
(※Click the link below)

We would appreciate it if you have picked up any of our 3DS titles before they are no longer available to download! 


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