【Shinobi non Grata #1】The resurrection of the way of the shinobi is now! Introducing the protagonist, Kaina!


Shinobi alert! Use your 7 shinobi weapons to survive the bloodshed during the Bakumatsu-era!

We have some exciting information regarding Shinobi non Grata, which is scheduled for release in 2022! 

In this issue of【Shinobi non Grata #1】, we introduce the protagonist, Kaina. 





Descendant of the Fūma shinobi line.
His peers affectionately call him "Kaina (meaning Arm in Japanese)" from his proficiency in using various Shinobi weapons.

Kaina suffers partial memory loss from injuries sustained during a mission, but after gaining intel, the rebel group "Oboro Ittо̄" has built their headquarters in an abandoned shrine. Kaina heads out to stop their scheme of seizing the government.

However, he does not find the leaders of the Oboro there; instead, a menacing samurai wraith awaits.


Kaina uses his cherished sword, Murasame, to cut up enemies! 


Kaina uses the Shuriken for wide-range attacks! 


Clear out enemies with Kaina's Ninjutsu (sub-weapon)!


In case of emergencies, Kaina can somersault to avoid enemies' attacks!



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