The Official Launch of Flyhigh Times !

Hello, Everyone!

KOU, CEO of Flyhigh Works here.


We at Flyhigh Works are now launching our own media, Flyhigh Times. We will be sharing all news related to Flyhigh Works in one place!




What is Flyhigh Times

In Flyhigh Times, we will share

・The latest news and updates on upcoming releases 

・Secret stories and information on the development of newly released titles

・Interviews with the developers

・Recollections of nostalgic titles

・Fan art projects and feedback from everyone


...and other contents will be delivered as articles available on our website.

(We plan to deliver these articles in Chinese, English, and Japanese as much as possible.)

Also, previously released articles will regularly be available in the "Time Leap Articles" section.


Why Flyhigh Times

From Flyhigh Works' establishment in 2011 to 2022, we have been involved in the localization and release of over 200 game titles (please check Wikipedia for details). In recent years, the quantity of video game software has exploded compared to the past. We thought it was time to update how we communicate with this change in circumstances. It is a "new means of displaying what we have built until now," so this media will be a "center of conveying information" of FHW. Thus, that is why we decided to launch Flyhigh Times.


Thank you so much, everyone.

Flyhigh Times will be a site for all FHW news and information, but we also hope everyone will enjoy visiting and reading the contents of our website. We would be happy if everyone could add this to their bookmarks and become regular readers. Thank you so much, everyone, for your continued support of Flyhigh Times.

- KOU, Editor-in-Chief of Flyhigh Times